Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Zoë's Name

A beautiful person helped me choose a meaningful African name to be part of Zoë's full name when we go to court for her new birth certificate next month. We have only ever called her Zoë, and thought of naming her Zoëisha, but her biological sister's didn't like it as much as Zoë and I wanted them to be part of the decision. So, now and finally, she will be forever known as

Monday, September 29, 2008

Presleigh just getting Cass out of the tub :)
You can see a good 1/4 in new growth here at the base.

I think they are starting to loc! I wonder now how the loctician will get them out on the 9th when she does her head!!

I was looking at some awesome videos today of yarn extensions and I am wondering if anyone has done with with loc'd hair? The lock being the third wheel for the braid? They look really cool! See my hair links for the You tube videos she does!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sportin' her new hair accessories!

Tomoka's Twists!

Loc Scrunchie :)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

How the test locks are looking now!!

Look right? Are they coming undone or just growing out? What do you all think?

As for the white in her hair, I pulled her locs aside and did a deep conditioning treatment :)

Cassidy talking about her hair :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

22 Days left to wait! In the meantime.......

I haven't been doing a thing with Cassidy's hair but keeping it clean and when we go out, she wears her diva hat :) I sat down the other night after buying the bradelocz book, to start on Zoe's head. That lasted about 10 mintues and I was DONE. She wouldn't sit still to save her life and I didn't have it in me that night......I have thought about taking her to the beauty school to have them done, but she won't sit there either. She has to learn soon, and there's no time like the present right?

Cassidy's testers are really looking great I think! I don't have a clue what I am looking at, but they seem to be holding up really well and taking shape! Here are some more pictures, 4 washes in and about a month old.

And of course I have to throw in some pictures just because I have the cutest girls ever :)

And, I have gotten a little nuts with looking at loc accessories!! I found two awesome places to buy things! Lonasoriginals.com and lockscrunchie.com. Both have the most unique things are and so sweet and helpful about all my questions!! I love buying from both of them!! Check them out!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Zoe's First Hair Blog :)

I guess I should start with a very short version of Zoe's story home....
Zoe was born at 23 weeks gestation, on the brink of viability. She weighed 1.7 pounds and struggled for 3 months in the hospital to stay alive. Her list of dx since her birth is endless...she is a true miracle and such a blessing to our family. She has proven to be the strongest person I have ever known and has the sweetest heart ever!! I will never forget the moment I walked into the NICU and saw her beautiful face. I picked her up imediately and put her to my chest and just fell in love with her instantly. I brought her home, as baby #6, 2 years ago this month!!

So, back to HAIR :) Well, what can I say? I thought I had things pretty much under control with braiding and styling African textured hair because I learned so much with Cassidy. Then comes Zoe.......darker skin, less dry, lighter eyes, and much softer tight curls, but nothing like Cassidy! How naive was I to think her hair would be exactly the same? White people don't know a thing about black hair!! lol :) At least no one I know!! So, as we have gone along, most people comment on how Zoe has "nice hair" and , "she must have a little indian in her" (that was my personal favorite). Cass had bad hair, Zoe had good hair.......blah blah blah. Well as far as I was concerned, Cassidy had better hair!! I could neatly cornrow her hair and put barretts and ballies and it was neat as could be for 2 whole weeks! Zoe's hair won't hold for even a week! It gets fuzzy and looks messy really quick!! So, she has been wearing a fro, with the occasional headband or twisted bangs.....that has been it! And it is getting long!
Tonight I was thinking of putting in microbraids........we will see what happens!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Trying something new :)

Last night, I washed Cassidy's hair out, then used Pantene's relax heavy conditioner and left it in her hair!! This is something I heard about from another mama....so then, I used the soft spikes, sectioned her hair while she was sleeping and wrapped them up.....put her night cap on and then this morning...hit her with the hair drier. Can't wait to see how this turns out!! Thanks to everyone for all the ideas, her hair feels really good today!

Here they are!! The curls! I can't believe how soft and shiny her hair is, and it's cute. Next time I would do much smaller sections, but this give me an idea. I bought these to use with her locs, so that will be a different look all together and her hair won't shine. Which is fine with me!! African hair left natural doesn't shine, it is a healthy luster, but not a shine. I know her locs won't shine like this, but beautiful luster!!
This was fun!! Much more fun than cornrows for a change!! If you want to see Cassidy's real texture hair, scroll down.....there is a pic of her fro. She has very kinky thick hair.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

So we did our deep condition tonight, I hope it doesn't mess up the tester locs....Cass was feeling good tonight, played in the tub and wanted me to take her pictures! Guess I'm so bad with taking pics of my kids they get offended when I don't :)
Then......after her meds hit her like bricks she passed out on the coffee table instead of one of the 3 sofas in that room! Silly girl :) She's in bed cozy now that Daddy carried her in, sweet dreams baby boo!

A Beauitful Poem that brought much insight to my life, and I'm thankful


Overjoyed, and oh so thrilled I gotta clap;
I took the natural route and I'm proud of my naps.
Give me dap, no mishap spare me the hot-comb,
greasy domes sometimes brutalize with verbal stones.
People why scrutinize and act belligerent
because I'm indifferent to the volume of your disregard
sis, since my skin is thick and unmarred,
it bothers me not, so I don't flip my lid or my lip
as proud nappy sistah wearing naps like an armament
in a battle meant to shear my confidence.
My knots are mad tight in this fight
a feast for the eyes, kin, feel my might!
I am not longing to be a Barbie that's insane and trite
and straight up stupid, so this curly cutie did her duty
and worked the roots right!
So save the spite in your hair-attack —
stop the hating black-on-black, but you need some tact
because you're looking for a smack ---

and here comes the blow that will straight-up sort ya
I'm not rolling with the punches, I'm talking about water;
hear my hearty laughter as I stand and I watch ya,
cover your head and hide, but all joking aside -
what happened to your pride?
Don't tell me it resides in that front-lace weave,
I just can't fathom that, or am too naïve?
My vibe is back to nature, but
some brothas and sistahs they ain't feeling it,
nor having it, they give me much flack
like they were born "kink-o-phobic"
a stupid habit that must come from crack-smoking
if I utter "black beauty", people laughing like I'm joking;
"Ah man, black and kinky ain't cute!" so sayeth the sooth,
but I reject the lies and get back to the truth,
look for the hard-core proof that are woven in the plot
kidnappers washed our brains self-revulsion's what we got.
I'm sorry to berate, but on our hair, we vacillate
and impede our progress like a brake, because we can't
appreciate our own beauty and think on this,
other communities own the industry
and we allow them all to collect the loot off our insecurity.
Some people cut their eye when they see me walk on by,
but I look crazy fly, that's the only way I stride
so, sis, stop the questions in your gawk,
yes, it's all real -- these locs are all mine.
I don't mean to brag, ain't no drag, it's a hook

to my people wearing more damn grease than a fry-cook,
because it's the latest look they saw
in a beauty book on somebody else's pate,
that they try to emulate
— their roots they desecrate
which just seems like straight-up hair hate…
so shake off the dead weight and take a ride with me
on this happy-nappy freedom train
arouse your fried brain and celebrate!

Makeela B. Amani

Friday, September 5, 2008

My Baby is sick:(

I am very sad to report that after all this waiting and excitement, I had to cancel Cassidy's appointment today:( Cass has breathing trouble from being on long term oxgyen when she was born. Sometimes a virus or something in the air can cause her to have bad respiratory distress and for 2 days, she was being nubulized every 2 hours..poor baby girl. She would never had made it though the day. The salon was so sweet and we were able to re-schedule, but to get Denise we were going to have to wait.....So, our new loc date is Oct 9th!!!
In the meantime, Cass is getting better and acting more herself! And, I have been having so much fun looking for loc jewels and loc ties and fun girly things to match her outfits!!
I will say for the first time, because she still has her tester locs in, we have been sportin' the fro! Even when out shopping and to lunch today with no headband or anything! And I love her hair like that! Didn't get all the most friendly looks, but I am getting more confident thanks to awesome women in my life, that I am her mom and if I want her to wear a fro or whatever else, then that is what she will wear :) But it will be so nice to have them in.........there was an awesome poem posted on a group I am in that I gleaned so much from that I would love to share here.......I am going to check with her first, but keep checking back in, it is beautiful and I can't wait to share it with Cassidy and Zoe as they grow :)

Here are full 2 week tester locs, washed twice :) I think they are going to be absolutly adorable when they are done!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008


Just did our second shampoo and took the last of the tester locs pictures. We've been sporting a fro the last week and a half because I am trying not to mess with the locs to much or add product that might make them start to slip...
I can't tell you how exciting it is for me! Cass keeps asking how many more days till Friday mom?? Her big sister's gave her a "make-over" while they were playing make-up so I wanted to share that one also:)
Here are the testers now.......