Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Zoe and Reggie

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

**THREE** Great Danes????

I know I am crazy, but my husband must be a saint. First is our girl Bree who is 16 months and her color is referred to as seal, which is not a real color for great danes, but we think she is beautiful!!) she is 101 pounds.

Kobe is our little boy who is 6 months old and a brat like crazy!! He acts like a 3 yr old little boy!! But he is Cassidy's favorite and he loves her more than anyone in the house :) He is white with black markings and 75 pounds.
He was just altered last week poor guy :(

Then, we just got Reggie :) Oh can I tell you what a love he is!!!!! All of our danes are rescues and Regg came from a wealthy home in NJ where the family has another home in another state and they were leaving him home alone A LOT with just a dog sitter to come. He had seperation anxiety so bad that they knew he wasn't happy there. they had bought him from a breeder in Oaklahoma as a puppy, so I know he wasn't abused, just not loved on enough and not enough attention.
that said, he is FAT. Not than I'm not, but this dog is HUGE. I just about passed out when I saw out big he was. Not that I wasn't expecting a full grown male great dane, but over weight big time. He is at least 200 pounds. guess he just ate and laid on the sofa? We have a vet appt on Thursday to see what is really going on. Reggie is 3 and the Brindle colored one.

Anyway, here they are!!


MiMi got the girls this pool for their Bdays
and they love it!!!! Cassidy has just
learned to hold her breath under water,
and Zoe can't make up her mind to get
out or stay in which = dirt in the pool!! EWE


Creamed Corn Day!!!!!


One hundred ears of corn. Shucked, scrapped and cooked............something my southern mama does every summer, but never this BIG amount :) We had to bring in the troops for help!! Lots of family means lots of corn!!

We froze a lot so when fresh corn isn't available, we will have our precious corn!!!


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Too bad for power wires

What a beautiful sunset we saw while driving to DE
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