Friday, July 31, 2009

Everyone gets the BUZZ

Zoe's heartbreaking hair pulling during sleep has left her with only one round growth of hair about 6 inchs long and the rest pulled to about 1/4 inch. So tonight the boys got a buzz to match Zoe :) Hopefully now she will leave it be and it will have a chance to grown in even :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

US Lately :)

Terry has been working hard both jobs, for himself during the day and for the company at night where we are getting benefits and all. So we don't see him much and honestly, it seems no matter how hard he hits it, we can't seem to get behind the eight ball. Can't get caught up on bills:(

Summer isn't real exciting cause going places and all costs money, but the kids are doing projects in the house, the boys are working with Terry, working out on their body building stuff, and hanging out with friends and girl friends.

Cassidy is doing SO awesome with the bathroom thing! She has been dry 90% of the time and a lot of times even at night the last few nights!! Pop-pop owes her a dinner out and she hasn't forgotten it either :)

Zoe is in her bratty stage. If she isn't attached to me or VERY engaged in something very entertaining, she is yellin and screamin. Her verbal skills are real slow coming, she knows more signs than words, but she is frustrated I am sure. However, she has been rippin off her diaper and running to the potty a few times a day without warning!! We weren't even thinking about potty training her yet, but she is proving to be ready!!

My last baby :(

As for me, finally got to the dr and had some routine bloodwork and stuff done. He had to add another blood pressure medication to keep that down and something came back on the test with my liver. So I went for an ultrasound of that and it turns out it's fat. Yep, I even have a fat liver! so back for more bloodwork, fasting this time for cholesterol and all that. So those came back yucky. I have to lose weight and get my choleserol and tryglcerides under control and soon. I am sure I will be going for more testing because the numbers were pretty high.

Presleigh made her first batch of Chicken and Dumplings today under my supervison and she did awesome!! Guess she is next in the family line to learn the way :)

Teenagers making me a little nuts. Richard shot the huge back window out of my van with a B gun the other day, so that was fun, and he had to work with dad to pay for it too!!

I have a goal of as close to a gallon of water a day as possible, so I am running to you know where every 3 minutes!

Gotta Run!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

White Mama,.....Black Baby

Here they are, my beautiful babies :) Cassidy's locks are 9 months in
here. This was just a few weeks ago.

Summer has been sort of crazy so I haven't written much, but tried to keep up with some pictures :)
Terry's self employment venture proved to be very bad timing with the economy, so he is still doing it during the day and works a second shift job at night.

The kids and I went to the shore for a week to my dad's beach house. I thought it was gonna be nuts with just me and the 6 of them, but it was a JOY!! I didn't want to ever leave. Dad took the week off his second shift job to spend the week we were gone working a huge contracting job and he worked hard, hired help, it was a BIG job,,,,,,,and long story short, they aren't paying.
So, that has been a HUGE financial blow to us. But God has never let us go hungry or without, and we trust in HIM :)

We found a new loctitian like I mentioned who lives SO much closer although we will miss Mrs. Denise very much!! Ms. Doris is lots of fun, and did a great job on Cassidy's retightening! Her hair just keeps getting longer and longer!!
I have to admit, being very full of nerve, have half a mind to approch black wemen and say, " you don't have to straighten your beautiful curls" Then run like hell cause I don't have any business acting like I know anything about black hair, living as a black woman or anything else.

I just love all the woman we see with locks and sisterlocks. Who could deny the beauty of it? God doesn't create anything wrong, only beautiful. And since I am in this honest feelings mood, is it wrong for me to wish the first family would not spend so much energy hiding their black characterisitcs? The President is white and black from what I know, the first lady is black. Would the people of the US look at them diferently if they looked more like an African American family? If Michele and the girls were to wear their hair natural would our President be seen in a different light? It sadens me....

Anyway, I don't know what that has to do with anything really other than I don't want my 2 youngest daughters to spend one minute of their life not proud of their African heritage, who they are, where they come from. That is not how God intended it. Precious girls made in the image of GOD himself.

Ms. Doris, our new loctician did shed some light on things for me. Now this is not everyone's thoughts by any means, but for her as a black woman, she told me she had decided before we even got there that she didn't understand what business i thought I had adopting one of theirs. And it wasn't right, and what were my intentions? During the hours we were there, she saw me comfort and hold her, she saw her sister's serving her lunch and just basically being spoiled like she is :) Ms Doris said she had a change of heart that day. I never really thought much about the black community thinking I would adopt her to hurt her or anything like that!! Would people think that of me? She is my blessing, my gift from God and she is cherished :)

She is also three and getting into everything while I sit and type so I have to run for now. From the bottom of my heart I hope not to have upset anyone in anyway. And I hope you enjoy seeing Cassidy's picture and how awesome her locks look!!!

Peace and love

Monday, July 13, 2009

Cassidy's Sisterlocs :)

there are 3 pages here of
cassidys hair from right before her locks until today, 9 months later! So don't forget to go thru all three pages, only the first comes up to start

Zoe's adoption picture :)

Took with my phone so its not great but......
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Monday, July 6, 2009

Cass being cas :)

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Beach bunny

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My baby boy has a girlfriend!!

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She IS Daddy's lil fire cracker!

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Ridin bikes :)

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