Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Things people say

there are lots of wonderful awesome things people say. I want to start saying that because I don't want it to seem like it's all bad. But as good as the good feels to hear, the bad burns to the core.
Zoe has been, well.........three. She is VERY three. I guess it's normal that there are days I actually cry that my kids are growing so fast. What I wouldn't do to have an infant in the house. Then there are the days when Zoe reminds me that I am fully ready to move on. To be the mom that doesn't have any babies or toddlers. She can tire me painfully, and can wear out the whole family in one night just taking turns keeping her out of trouble, keeping her from screaming, making her feel secure. And it isn't easy.
I made the mistake of "venting" to a few distant family members and one not so distant. Just light hearted talk about how she is going thru that toddler stage that can be really difficult at times.
The responses I got back were heart wrenching to me. It's not a joke, and it's the furthest thing from funny. I take deep offense to these comments about my children and honestly they cause me to feel bitter. I honestly think they meant to be funny, but one of them is a mother! How could she especially not know how hurtful it would be. Both comments revolved around her being a stinker lately (said by me) the the responses were about, "you can give that one back tho right?"
My heart is broken. How can I ever feel the same way? To me that has permanently and forever changed my relationship,.....only God can heal such a deep wound. Please pray.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009


I don't know about you, but I can't stand it!! I just cried and cried. Not only because she is getting so big so fast, but I am handing her over to someone else for part of the day, and because I miss her so much when she isn't here. All that said, she got the most WONDERFUL K teacher, I just LOVE her. Great diversity in Cassidy's class and most importantly, Cass loves it SOOOOO much!!!!!!!
BTW, we were in the store, and she picked out all the sperates for this outfit and brought them to me and says I like this mom. Wow, She did pretty darn good!! I thought she looked adorable :)
Mama's baby growing up.
There is one other brown sugar baby girl in her class, and I saw her mom at Back to school night and guess what?????? The mom has SISTERLOCKS!! I didn't get a chance to meet her or talk to her, but I am sure she will see Cass at some point and notice they both have them :)
Richard's girlfriend Megan cheering for the game

Richard's Sophomore JV year Pics from first game home against Unionville, of course we won :) Richard did awesome, great play, even with a broken hand!
Go JAGS!!!! Go #35 !!!!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Cassidy is finally registered for Kindergarten!!!

Aunt Cole cole

Zoe in her tutu

Nope Zoe won't keep a shirt one, here with mimi

Wow, that took me forever, and I am still not comfortable with it after so many years of homeschooling and it seems I only have one homeschooled child now from having many and homeschooling for 10 years!!

But, with the upcoming surgery, and I know she is going to love it, it is so short, less than 3 hours a day, I am doing it,

And MiMi made her first day of school dress that she would like to model for all of you :)

Zoe and her doggies :)

Willow's 3 girls :)

The new and whole Barbosa family!!!! Welcome baby Hannah!!!