Thursday, January 22, 2009


I tried a new little something on Zo this morning after her bath and a handful of miss jessies curly pudding :)

Bulleted List

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Twist OUT

Still not sure how to get the parts to fall back for this look.....would love to hear advice on that! But it sure looks cute! I took out the tiny bands this morning and finger combed her hair and she ran to the mirror and said, "momma, I just love my hair"........can you even imagine the joy I feel to hear her say that? Not because I don't think her hair is beautiful, but because I made the decision to loc her hair when she was this young...and I really believe she loves it as much as I do! And the rest of our family and friends!
The only complaint I have is people trying to get their hands all up in her hair ALL THE TIME! Well, white people that is. Being white, I understand if you never felt black hair you would be curious and you surely wouldn't be sticking your hands in an adult woman's head...but why is it they think it's ok to touch Cassidy's hair? She hates it and it really bothers me. I don't quite know why, but I don't like anyone putting their hands all over any of my kids......they aren't dogs to be pet!!
Come on now mama's.............give me a good one liner. Tell me what to say when someone tries messin in my girls hair. I don't want to be rude, cause I don't think they are intending to be rude......I just think they dno't know any better!
I know I opened a can of worms, but I am chompin at the bit to hear what you all have to tell me about this one!
Love you ladies for all you have been for us:) I read Cass every wonderful thing you all say to her and she loves looking at all your pictures to see what her locs are gonna look like when she's bigger:) It's a beautiful thing!
So here she is twist out!

Our loctician says her hair is locking pretty quick
and should be pretty settled in about 4 more months.
Just curious if you can tell from the attempt at close up
pictures how far along it looks. I can tell some
areas are looking more loc'd than others, and some
ends have buds and the top doesn't have buds at
all yet.
Either way, it is looking amazing in my humble mama
opinion :)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tried some knots today:)

Not sure if I ever mentioned, but Cassidy has
mostly large sisterlocks with mediums around
her face. I love the small and tiny ones, but they
are more fragile and high maintenance for
a toddler and I really think for Cass, her rounded
face and just loving the look of locks themselves,
this was the best choice for us. Lots of the girls
in the salon have the smalls and they look awesome,
but my favorite are Cassidy's.......cause I am a bit
partial being her mama and all :)

Friday, January 16, 2009


Here she is! Before and After! I can't believe how long her hair was afterwards! It took nearly 3 hours because I had waited too long and we had two locks that had to be fused together. Other than that, Denise said that her hair was locking very quickly and taking hold of this whole process really well!!
Mind you, I didn't style her hair AT ALL after the tightening because she had enough of people in her head, so it's a bit wild, and the Dora cake is because I promised her after sitting so long getting her hair done and being so good, she could pick out a cake :)



AND.............Zoe because she wanted to have her picture taken too!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

waited too long.....

Cass should've had her retightening by now, but her appt is on the 15th :) I can't wait!!!
We have one lock that is really weird and looking like it's holding on for dear life! Other than that, they are locking really fast and well!!! the back ones have sealed buds on the ends, the front top ones are fizzy ends still, but we are getting some length!!
Here are some Christmas pictures along with random pics and hair pics!